27 Tools for the Modern Marketer

“Marketers have access to a lot of digital tools these days. Here’s a list of the top tools to use for marketing automation, digital asset management, social media”

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The Breaking Bad Guide to Storytelling

“Few events get the creative juices flowing like attending a conference with fellow marketers. Combine that with the creator of Breaking Bad and you’ve definitely got our attention.


We already shared a few of the must-see sessions for content marketers at this year’s Eloqua Experience. But the opening evening keynote with Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan has us especially excited. Not only is he responsible for an award-winning series that I happen to love, but when reexamining the show’s five seasons, the lessons for marketers – especially content marketers – seem to pop out one after another.


So we teamed up with Beutler Ink to cook up an infographic for Eloqua Experience. “The Breaking Bad Guide to Storytelling” delves into the techniques and twists employed by the writers, producers and staff to keep the audience tuning in every week…or binge watching on Netflix.”

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SEO for Bloggers: The Non-Techie Guide

“I am going to share the 10 things that over time will make the biggest difference for your blog’s SEO, but in order to do that, I think it is best to explain what major search engines like Google are doing and how it’s really about humans.”

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The Ultimate List of IFTTT Recipes for Marketers

“If you’re not familiar with IFTTT, it’s simple. IFTTT is a free tool that you can use to connect different digital applications to make life easier. For example, you can automatically save your Instagram photos to Dropbox, or have the forecast texted to you each morning, or automatically tweet your blog posts, or about a zillion other cool things.


While IFTTT is a great tool for social media automation and lots of everyday life stuff, here at SEER, we believed it was capable of much, much more. So we had a handful of hackathons and a whole lot of testing to come up with some brand-spanking new IFTTT recipes that will help you gather marketing intelligence and make strategic decisions for your brand.”

Olivier Milo’s insight:
Recipes explained!

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5 réseaux sociaux chinois qui vont cartonner en 2015

” La Chine compte aujourd’hui environ 630 millions d’internautes, qui passent en général 25 heures par semaine connectés sur Internet, que ce soit sur leur ordinateur portable ou encore leur téléphone. […]

Voici maintenant 5 de ces réseaux sociaux qui vont cartonner en 2015 ! ”

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Netlinking : 70 Techniques Détaillées pour vos Backlinks !

” Le linkbuilding a considérablement évolué en grande partie à cause des mises à jour de l’algorithme de Google. C’est lui qui façonne le paysage du SEO et qui impose de fait les techniques que vous pourrez ou non utiliser… ”

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