9 Content Marketing Metrics Every Blogger Must Be Tracking

“Content marketing is as much of an art as it is a science. Often it’s a delicate balance between being creative and basing decisions on hard data.

Over the years I have come to rely on a few different content marketing metrics to help me hone in on what works vs. what’s not working on my blog. I don’t intend for this to be the “end all, be all” but these are a few metrics that I regularly follow that I believe will help any blog get on a path to growth.”

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[Infographic] 68 Best Tips Before You Start A Blog

” If you’re serious about blogging and you want to be recognized for what you do best, here’s your ultimate blogging checklist! ”

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10 Color Theory Basics Everyone Should Know

” Most of us aren’t interior designers by trade and that’s okay. Whether you think of interior design as an enjoyable hobby or a necessary evil that helps keep your home looking presentable, sometimes it can be tough to understand the industry lingo. After all, how often do you hear about Tertiary Colors, anyway?

At Freshome, we aim for our content to be accessible to everyone – no college degree required. So, today, we’re going back to basics. Gear up for a little Design 101. In this post, we’ll tackle color theory basics that every design enthusiast should know. ”

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The Content Marketer’s Toolkit: 35 Tools You Can’t Blog Without

” Don’t you wish there was an easier way to blog? From coming up with ideas to writing and promoting, there is a lot that goes into content marketing.

So, how can you facilitate the whole process?


You can use a number of tools that can help you generate ideas, make the writing process easier, and even market your content for you.


Here are 35 of them: ”

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How To Add Remote Libraries to the WordPress Media Library

” WordPress offers excellent oEmbed support for embedding content from more than two dozen major services. Pasting a link into the editor on its own line will have it magically appear as embedded media. ”

Olivier Milo’s insight:
Embedding videos made a little easier!

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How to Do Link Building for a Brand New Website

” Now that your website is live, the real work has begun—the work of building links and authority. Your website is only as awesome as it is authoritative.

So, how do you take your shiny new website from its new-kid-on-the-block status and give it some link love? ”

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