9 Things to Do After Launching Your Newest Blog Post

The “content” part of content marketing is arguably the easiest. Creating content that is useful, insightful and shareable may require some trial and error, and there’s no way to know for sure if something will resonate as intended, but it’s still a singular task.


It’s the marketing part that tends to really trip people up, and for good reason. Far too often we focus the majority of our efforts on getting content just right – revising, rewriting, researching, and collaborating until everyone in an organization agrees that it’s ready to publish.


But then what? It goes up and you wait…hoping that the people in your existing audience find your content as useful as you planned it to be….

Olivier Milo’s insight:
Anthony Chatfield’s takes a look at the hidden half of blogging.

from http://ift.tt/1JWapmb


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